Tossing up my Hands…

April 30, 2009

I’ve been incredibly careful not NOT say anything.  No matter how many blog posts attack me, I’m not saying anything.  Wasn’t my relationship, didn’t have a say in it, two people can screw up a relationship just fine without a third one along.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  I’m not “living in fear” either.


Honest to God, I have absolutely HATED saying anything around this person because literally every single word I say gets twisted and turned and poisoned so that she can manipulate it into playing some kind of victim while she goes on these passive aggressive gossip streaks that just…piss me off.  Not even because they’re about me.  I don’t give a shit, sincerely what someone like that “says” about me.  But because they annoy my friends, and the people who know me.


And because I DO get asked.  To which I have not defended myself, or disparaged her.  But just said “You know me, or you don’t.  If you actually think I’m that base, then, maybe you weren’t that good of a friend to start with.”  And those people, meh.  She can have.


I’m getting frustrated at the Gor thing though.  It’s like “Annoy Grab Get into a screaming match, repeat.”  Which is part of what’s got me Hyped about Obscure Reality.


It’s not a Grabby “I wish I was a man” match.  It’s not me trying to play myself down to accomodate some idiot.  Instead…I get to be the villain.


I LIKE playing that villain role.  I LIKE fleshing out the story.  I hate when people who don’t know any better figure that’s who I am.  But then if they’re looney to think that who I play in a game is who I am, well…that’s kind of.. enough said