Doin it in Grayscale

May 11, 2009

Being in one of those creative blocks, you know where you have ideas but they’re not coming out right in production…. Obscure Reality’s been a great vent for that.  Weirdly enough not just because of great RP and stories…But I think, because the sim is in grayscale.

Artists…and I hardly call myself one, but there’s a creative process so…run into something called “Fear of the Blank Page.”  Basically looking at a completely white page or canvas feels so overwhelming that whatever ideas there were, flush out in the face of all that blank whiteness.

So I get my CMFF Template guides open, fill in where I want stuff filled in…and…yeah…blank out.

I have Drawings.  But Fabrics are a wash.  Or I have a Fabric but the drawing is a wash.

It’s been driving me batty

So OR gives my brain somethingto do other than obsess over the fact that I’m skeerd of the blank page.Syngen DCS